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Hello authors,

I am Megan Hand, the story girl.

Currently, my most popular service is a combo intense content edit/copy edit. I prefer this combo because I give a thousand percent to every story I work on, and I love getting in at the ground floor, digging up every weakness, and smoothing them over until the story is pristine. I am especially attentive to each author's/character's unique voice. I love when I can assist the author in filling out the story without disrupting the voice.

I also offer developmental editing and proofreading upon request.

* I am willing to do a 5 page sample for anyone interested! Please contact me via facebook messenger or email (

**At this time I do not edit erotica or any story content that is particularly dark (i.e. seduction within human trafficking, and/or repetitive or graphic sexual abuse). Rape, physical abuse, and sex scenes are fine. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


-Combo content/copy edit: (1) round, $0.005/word ($500/100k words)
                                            (2) rounds, $0.009/word ($900/100k words)
                                            **Round two would be for final clean up, proofreading, and any final
                                                comments/weaknesses to address in the story.

-Developmental editing: (1) round, $0.005/word
                                        **This can include some copy editing, depending on how much work the
                                            manuscript needs.

-Proofreading services (1 round): $0.003/word

**A $50.00 deposit is due upon booking. The deposit will be deducted from the final amount. Once the manuscript is due to hand in, I will need half of the edit total sent by paypal. The remainder of the total is due before I return the finished edited manuscript.

How long will it take?
 Current turnover time is (2) weeks. I will book your story for a two week slot, as long as the story is under 100k. If it is over that, I will book a (3) week slot. 


"As a bit of a control freak, handing over a manuscript never happens easily for me. But Megan's notes, suggested changes, and fine attention to detail never interfere with my voice or the story I try to tell. I look forward to handing in my manuscripts now. Megan takes extra steps to understand the work, and her attention to detail remains unsurpassed in my experience. Thank you, Megan!"

    author of Sick Day,  
Surviving Goodbye,
Hope, and more.

"Amazing and talented do not begin to describe Megan Hand.

Megan graced the pages of It’s Not Over with her keen eye and insightful talent. With each red mark, comment, and/or correction, It’s Not Over went from good to amazing. Under Megan’s critique, I grew as a writer, and my skill level improved exponentially. Her comments, interpretation of character voice, and grammar were flawless. Her accessibility and ability to capture the author’s voice places her in a class all her own.

Megan doesn’t just mark up a manuscript--she nurtures it and aids in building up the writer and the story, elevating both to new heights.

While I hated how hard she pushed me, I am forever grateful for the challenge and proud of the results in the quality of my writing and story telling.

Thank you, Megan. You are the bomb-diggity!"

author of The Do over 
and It's Not Over.


"I cannot compliment Megan's editing skills enough. Not only does she work her magic on my manuscripts, but I've learned a lot through her notes and suggestions. She's edited several of my books, and I look forward to working with her on my future projects as well."

author of It all Started with a Lima Bean,
An Exception Twist, and
Tangled Paths.  

"Megan is an editor extraordinaire. She will take your manuscript to a whole other level, making you dig deep and flesh out your characters until it's polished to perfection. Seriously, I've dated a lot of editors and am so thankful that I found Megan. I foresee a long lasting relationship between us. Not only is she a perfectionist with the editing, but she's sweet as pie. She'll push you when you don't think you can write anymore, and encourage you to trek on and move forward to make your manuscript the best it can be"

author of Marry Me for Money,
and Everything Has Changed


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