Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Teaser

Bitter Angel comes out in less than TWO WEEKS! Wow, I can't believe the time is going so fast!

If you haven't added it to your Goodreads TBR yet, you can do it HERE.

Since most of this book is listed as a thriller, today's teaser is quite the adrenaline rush. Hope you like :)

Disclaimer: Parts of this may have changed somewhat during the editing process.

I pushed up with the heels of my palms and sprung back into motion. Wind whipped at my damp, matted hair. My arms pumped forward and back, forward and back like an Olympic runner. Tonight I had no choice but to run like one. The cold air smarted against my cheek. My face – already puffy and stretched from tears, dried blood, and caked mascara – was beginning to go numb. Even with all the adrenaline powering through me, I could feel tiny pieces of broken glass crunching under my feet and slicing the soft skin. Miniature cuts for every pound against the asphalt, chaffed by dirt and grit.
I wasn’t sure how many seconds passed until the loud clamoring of metal ended and I heard the thump of rubber soles on the street. He was gaining ground.
Just as I rounded out of the alleyway, I flung a glance at the street sign: Harrison Rd. The road was deserted. I didn’t care. I started shouting like a lunatic to anyone that would listen. “HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!”
Pumping harder, I kept at it, my lungs wheezing, sides cramping. “HELP!” I turned two more corners, no longer bothering with memorizing street names now that I had a roundabout location.  “Please help me!” My words were choked from the lack of air. “Help.”
Up ahead, I noticed moving lights. Headlights. Cars.
He was so close, I could hear his labored breathing, and just as I felt him trying to snatch my hair, I gunned it. Either by a second wind, survival instinct, or both. The doughy, sweet smell of fresh bread hit me in the face. Businesses. People.
I heard a strange grunt behind me but again made the next street my focus. Shutting out everything but getting around one more corner, onto a main road with consumers and proprietors and people with cars.
One last corner. I was three feet away.
And then I went down, crash-landing hard. He had caught the back of the t-shirt.

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