Friday, April 26, 2013


Where the frick frack do my weeks go? I have no stinkin' idea. This is going to be the laziest post ever, but I wanted to say that I'm gearing up for something fun starting next week. I'm going to do a series of-- *drum roll please*--


Say WHA??? 

For the next two weeks or so, I'm going to post some things that have inspired me with writing and life. I'm hoping to make these super duper fun posts. I have been rather dry about the whole blogging thing. I've actually been having a lot of fun reaching out to other blogs, but have been rather lazy (possibly because all my creativity is going into this next novel) about my own posts. 

I'm trying to remedy that!   

So be on the lookout next week, because Megan is comin' atcha LIVE. 

(FYI I am on a veggie juice high this week, so please disregard the hyper/ridiculous/over-enthusiastic silliness of this post.)

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