Monday, December 17, 2012

Share with me some happy

After all the sadness of Friday (my prayers are constantly with these families!), and the death of my friend, I really need some happy. So I'm sharing with all of you my favorite Christmas story. *Smiley Face*

 I think I was four, my brother was about two and a half, and we were fostering a little girl at the time, Christina, who was eight. My mom said to me and Christina the evening before that we could open our presents as soon as we woke up

 That's probably not how she said it, but that's how I heard it. (A lesson in making sure your childen understand they don't mean it literally.) 

So what do you think happened when we woke up? I flew out of bed, straight for the present-piled tree downstairs. Christina, being the older wise one, tried to talk me out of it. 

I said, "No! She said as soon as we woke up!" 

See? That's how I heard it. 

I couldn't read at the time. I just remember grabbing gifts, wildly tearing away the paper not knowing who the present was meant for, saying "COOL!" everytime, and setting the gift aside, eager for another. Imagine the anger tornado that ensued when my parents woke up. To say it was not pretty was an understatement. I think I saw actual steam come out of my mother's ears. 

She tossed all the presents in a box and told us we were not having a Christmas, she was so heartbroken. Later, though, being the loving mother that she truly is (Hi, Mom:) she sat us down and redistributed every gift to its intended owner. I do remember being a little disappointed when some of the gifts I'd thought I was going to keep were not meant for me. But at least we still had our Christmas, and all was well in the end. 

Do you have any great Christmas stories?  
Share with me your happy.


  1. LOL I can imagine your mom's disappointment.

    My brother and I used to get up at an insane hour (4 am), so my parents told us we could open ONE present each. The rest had to wait until they got up at 9 am (!!!!). My brother and I were sneaky. After we grew bored with the one present, we rewrapped them and opened something else. Fortunately my parents never noticed that my brother's Rubic Cube did not look like it had when mom wrapped it. lol

    (ps. no, I wasn't referring to Jessica's book on my blog. That's why I had the footnote at the end. I didn't want to promote the author of the poorly edited book, so I used Jessica's latest cover and pointed out how great the writing was (to me). I have no idea if she used an editor. Most of the SP NA books I've read haven't mentioned their editors. But if they haven't used one, you would never know it. It was obvious that the author whose book inspired the post never bothered to hire one.)

  2. Ha! Thsts a great story. My mom would have lost her mind. Thanks for making me smile!

  3. Oh, Megan! You opened *everybody*'s gifts??? LOL! That's hilarious. I don't have any stories like that, but I did used to get up before dawn to see what Santa "brought" during the night. That was always fun.

    Love Christmas--have a great one! xoxo <3

    1. Yes, lol, I did *shame face*. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too, Leigh!

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    1. Thanks, Mandy! Hope you had an AWESOME holiday!