Thursday, February 14, 2013

Author Interview: Lisa Harley

Lisa Harely is a writer BESTIE of mine. I don't keep that secret. In honor of her official DESTINED TO CHANGE release, which is TODAY, Valentine's Day, I am interviewing her. Right here. Right now.

(((drum roll)))

PLEASE WELCOME - Okay, this is silly.

Me: Lisa, it’s nice to have you here. *stands to shake lofty author’s hand*

Lisa: Happy to be here, Megan. 

Me: Please have a seat. *points to plush red chair*
Thank you for coming today. So, I’ve read your book, and I must say, I loved it.

Lisa: Aw, Megan…that makes me smile.  Thanks…

Me: I was captivated with Lorelai’s story. It broke my heart and made me swoon. Let’s discuss the swoons first.

Lisa: Yay, I love swoons!

Me: There are three men in your story. How did each of them come to you? Did they come fully formed or did they reveal themselves slowly?

Lisa: I have had these characters and this story in my head for years.  I just never took the time to write it down. Declan and Cade were so easy for me to write. They were always on my mind.  I felt like I really knew them. Jaxon took some work.  A good friend of mine told me I was having a hard time writing him because he was my dream man…and it’s hard to create your dream man. I have to agree with her.  I knew guys like Declan and Cade, but I could only dream of one like Jaxon…swoon.

Me: As you were writing it, did you crush harder on one of your men? Or did they all receive equal author love? 

Lisa: They all received equal author love…but one of them…whew, he totally makes me swoon. (Hmm, I wonder which one?) 
Me: Is it true you already have a fan club for one of your men?

Lisa: Yes, that rumor is true.  Cade has his own Facebook fan club: Cade’s Cuties.

Me: Okay, now let’s discuss the novel in its entirety. Did you know the endgame from the beginning, or did the characters surprise you? 

Lisa: Actually, I wrote the last chapter right after I finished the first chapter.  I always knew where I wanted the characters to go, but they definitely surprised me a few times along the way.

Me: Were there moments when you wondered whether your characters were going to rebel against your wishes?

Lisa: You’ve read the book…you know one of my characters definitely has a mind of his own.  That man tried to rebel at every turn…but I reeled him in. J
Me: What was the most fun process of writing this book?
Lisa: Um, finishing it? lol  Honestly, the entire process was fun. Some of it was really scary and made me super nervous.  I am so thankful to have met so many awesome people while I was working on this book that helped me through all of that. (One of those people is sitting across from me in a plush red chair.)

Me: Aww *blushes* Why thank you. I will take credit for that. I hear there is a second book in the works. But I have on personal authority that we cannot discuss this second book quite yet, because (obviously) it would give very important details away. Do you have an estimated release date for book two?

Lisa: I hope to release Destined to Succeed in July 2013.
Me: I also hear there are going to be some new men in this book. How many exactly? And how hot are they on a scale of 1-10.
Lisa: DTS will center around five men.  Five very hot, super sexy men.  I would definitely rate them all at a 10 on the hotness scale.  Ya’ll will definitely swoon over these guys.

Me: Finally, would you like to share some pictures of your men?

Lisa: Here ya go!
Me: WOW, Lisa! You weren't kidding about the hotties!! And Lorelai, what a cutie! Thanks again for coming! And congrats on your release. Have a safe trip back :)

Lisa: Thanks for having me Megan…I had a blast spending the morning with you.  

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