Wednesday, October 24, 2012

During A Dark Week

**Note: This review was originally posted in March, 2012. Since I've rebooted my lovely new blog, I am reposting. So keep in mind, this is old, but SO WORTH THE READ!!

About three weeks ago, I got “sick”. And, yes, that means exactly what you think. I wasn’t sick in the physical sense, more like I needed a vacation from life. Now, with a husband, job, a house and child in constant need of attention, that is not an easy feat, but I somehow managed it. I got my week.

Though my job is extremely flexible, I’m still only allotted a certain amount of time off. Since we’ve had a relatively snowless winter, I haven’t had to take any days off for weather so – I got sick.

Although, I did actually start the week off sick, honestly. We’d gone camping in the rain the weekend before, and I woke up Monday with the swollen throat, the bodily “icks”, etc. Nothing worthy of canceling work for, technically, but I have no DNA samples to prove it, so there!

During this week, I snuggled up with my nook, set my TV to an endless reel of Sesame Street (don’t judge me), and bunkered in for a glorious couch-ridden week of READING ESCAPE.

 Here's three I won't forget:

Tamarra Webb’s deliciously wonderful heart-skipping series BETWEEN THE LINES. I had to review these three as a set, because they just can’t be separated!

 BETWEENTHE LINES is BOOK 1 in the series. It begins the story if Hollywood actor/current heartthrob bad boy Reid Alexander and emerging actress/Future-America’s Sweetheart Emma Pierce. First, I have to say to Tamarra Webb, BRAVO! The writing is fantastic, thought-provoking, and swoony all magically interconnected. These characters were a tricky business. Reid could’ve easily been hated. This kid wore cockiness like a suit tailored to hug every manly curve. The way he spoke of women, constantly throwing themselves at him and easily discarded, had me gagging at moments. I wanted to pinch his cheeks and slap him around a bit, but I never felt that loathing stir I would’ve felt for an antagonist. His unexpected depth pokes through the surface at odd moments to remind you that, yes, he is still human, and has that basic human need: to be loved. Emma Pierce was enchanting, mature, and strong. Na├»ve sometimes, but who isn’t? I loved her. The ending will throw you for a loop and leave you salivating for the 2nd. If you’re anything like me, you'll jump to your computer the minute you finish the last word and purchase the last two books.

Which brings me to –

WHERE YOU ARE, BOOK 2, is a continuation with the added voices of Graham Douglas and Brooke Cameron. Some steamy stuff going on in this one. Whenever Graham’s chapters came up, I seriously couldn’t tear through them fast enough, and yet I savored every morsel-y word. He was one of the most sexy, romantic, vulnerable, and yet mature, men I have ever read. Every bit of his behavior made complete sense with his history. He was respectable and gosh darn-it, if he didn’t have a girlfriend in this book, I’d snatch him up quick-like! This book will leave you breathless, heart-stricken, and rooting so hard, you may have to watch and make sure no one’s watching before you punch the air. You’ll return to sections of it, reread, and reread… And reread.


 GOODFOR YOU is the final chapter to this crazy-good saga. Certain characters will not continue in this book, so without giving anything away, the only testament I can give is that when I read the synopsis for this one, I wasn’t all that thrilled. I wanted my favorite characters from the last novel. BOO! But the reviews were so phenomenal, I had to give it a try. And try I’m SO GLAD I did. While the second was beautiful and pulse-pounding, this one was a slow burn. Usually, I don’t have the patience for that kind of build, but this was in a world all its own. Again, the writing was incredible – the author is a freak of nature! Before I knew it, the book was over. Unlike WHERE YOU ARE, I wasn’t content to just reread sections. I reread probably the second half of the book. No joke.

These books are rated: YA-Mature

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