Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tempest = a violent windstorm? More like a light breeze.

Would We Really Wanna?

Yeah, I'm thinking no. As a whole. I would not want to hold time in my hands. I would not want the ability to jump to the past. But as a novel, I was PSYCHED to read this story.

In Julie Cross's TEMPEST, Jackson Meyer has the incredible ability to travel through time. He and his friend, Adam, test theories as to why his abilities exist and the extent of this strange talent. So far, he has figured out that he can travel, but nothing changes. However, when two men barge into his girlfriend, Holly's, dorm room, and she is fatally shot, he jumps two years into the past and can't seem to find his way out. With this sudden extra time on his hands, he will discover secrets about his family, his painful past will be reopened, and he will attempt to befriend the girlfriend he's not yet supposed to know, as well as figure out his true destiny.

WOW, right? That was my first thought. Cool premise, AMAZING cover, nicely tucked-in romance... Yawn, yawn, yawn. Boo. I was amped to read this book, and I, unfortunately, found my eyes drooping through almost every chapter. I found Jackson as a main character to be very indecisive and somewhat weak. But - BUT - I think those qualities mostly stemmed from the weak plot. Clues about his family took too long to come to light, and by the time they did, I'd already guessed them long ago. I had questions, but no burning itch to have them answered. At times I was confused, but had no motivation to enlighten myself. Holly was sweet but flat. I wanted more from her. I wanted more from Adam. More from his father.

And writer-to-writer, WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE ELLIPSIS'!!! ( I hope that's the correct plural). For those who don't know that term it's the "..." in the dialogue. Well-placed, they provide nicely staggered dialogue. In this story, they were used almost every time someone spoke. Okay, weird hangup, I know. But come on! Those three little periods stunted and crippled the dialogue to the point where I wanted to put the conversations in wheelchairs!

Okay, enough. This story wasn't awful. The romance was sweet and touching. I loved Jackson's motives.  Sadly, though, I wasn't connecting to him, therefore had no true desire to see him succeed. I'm so sorry, Julie Cross. You're are a great writer, this book and I just didn't click. I do intend to give your future books a go!

I give this story 3/5 
Did I enjoy it? At times.
Would I recommend it to friends? Maybe.
Will I read it again? No.


  1. I thought the premise sounded really interesting too! That's too bad that it didn't really pan out too well. I find it SO hard to get into a book when I either don't like or can't connect with the main character. I do want to say though, I really like the way you write! Your comment about putting the conversations in wheelchairs was such a clever way of putting it! :)

    1. Aww, thanks :) And please don't assume you will feel the same way. I loved your recent 2 star review, and we do tend to follow this kind of feedback, but if a story still looks interesting, I'll still give it a try sometimes. If you still think it might be worth your read, you should try it!

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  3. Thanks, and thanks for following! Just joined yours as well :) So you live in Pitt? I have friends from there. Her parents still live there, and we visit from time to time. It's such a neat city. I LOVE the pic on your banner!

  4. Hi! I'm a new follower, and I love your blog! So pretty>.< I haven't read Tempest yet but it's on my TBR list. I like reading reviews on books I haven't read yet. Hope you had a nice week so far:)

    1. Hi! And thanks for following! Everyone's opinion is different, so still worth the read :)