Sunday, October 21, 2012

What would YOU do?

This may seem a little late for many, but my original first blog was a review on The Hunger Games movie. Since that blog was lost in transit, I'm reposting this for the very few that will read it, ha :)

Those who truly know me, have come to accept my obsession with books and movies-turned-books. The Hunger Games is only one of several I hope to experience this with.

I must say, my first take on the cast was not impressive. I mean, Jennifer Lawrence, who was she other than the girl who played what's-her-face on X-MEN FIRST CLASS (which was also awesome, BTW). Liam Hemsworth, getting warmer. But Josh Hutcherson? Halt right there, No Namer. I do not know you. You do not seem fit to don the shoes of my beautiful Peeta. Are you worthy of him? Hmm... So I wasn't sold on Peeta to say the least.

Now, Amandla Stenberg as Rue? Sold, hands down. Anyone who hasn't seen her in COLUMBIANA needs to! Stellar! Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket, sure. But Stanley Tucci as Caesar? Fricking brilliant! And the rest of the cast, I had to wait and see.

My sister and I went with all these pre-prejudices, but with an open mind. After the disaster that shall remain nameless (ahem*cough*Twilight), I tend to keep my standards low these days. Which is really unfortunate, because they shouldn't have to be. With all the movie making geniuses out there, they should be able to do a simple adaptation, GOD! But I digress. Back to the topic. So, my sister and I are in the theater. We're excited, we're holding hands (because we do that, we're awesome, I know), our eyes are bright with excitement. The movie starts. The beginning is lame, but we eagerly move past that. The first shots start, and we get dizzy. P.S. That camera shake thingy does not make us feel more like we're "a part of things". The Reaping takes place. Peeta looks lame and awkward, par for my expectations. But as the movie progresses, I found myself... elated. And surprised. Overwhelmed. Drawn in.

When Katniss overcame her challenges, I was riveted. When little Rue reached her demise, I was a puddle. When Peeta professes his feelings, I was stolen away. Not in a movie seat anymore, but a part of everything with them.

Maybe this sounds dramatic and over-the-top, but after going into something that I was overly eager and yet wary about, it was a nice feeling to (finally) come out feeling fully satisfied.

Things that were well done:

1.) Pretty much everything, aside from the poor character development of the other contestants, which I realize is difficult to do in a two hour span.

2.) The tie-in of the districts falling apart and the behind-the-scenes game control panel. (Or whatever they call it.) Basically, scenes that were able to be in the movie but not in the book because in the movie we weren't only in Katniss' head. That was very interesting, and helped draw us in.

It goes without saying that I LOVED the book. But after watching the movie, everything felt so real, it had me wondering: What would I do? If I were in Katniss' shoes, what would I do?

Anything I could to survive, no doubt. It's in our nature. Innate. But would I be able to drive that weapon home, stop the heartbeat of another human being? Honestly, all we can really do is hope and pray that nothing like this ever really comes to fruition. But it certainly makes me wonder.

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  1. My instinct is to say "No I would not kill another person", and yet I can't really know until I'm in that situation. and here's hoping I never am, like you said!