Sunday, October 21, 2012

Which one are YOU?

Me - second row back, third from the left...

As the eccentric and torturously deep person that I am, I often wonder about our Uniqueness VS. Likeness. Our intrinsic internal desire to not only stand out, but also to look like everyone else. It’s interesting how we all start off the same way – naked and hungry, with only the basic needs on the brain. Then we grow into kids and we begin to watch.

Struggles against conformity and the detrimental desire for beauty and trend obsession are not new, but how do we get there? And why do we always want both?

We want to be a size two, but – WAIT – now we gotta have the curves to go with it. We want to be skinny with giant rear ends. We want to wear trendy clothes that go out of style in 7.5 seconds. We want to have a baby and a post-delivery tummy tuck to go with it. I’m surprised doctors don’t offer this as a package deal now (because I would’ve signed on the dot, not ashamed to admit that).

I’m not faulting anyone for wanting these things. I’m just trying to get to the root of  

Which brings me to: What do you think God sees when He looks at us?

 I’m not trying to be preachy by mentioning God – I’m a God-girl, just can’t help it. But I do wonder about these things. I think we all do.

Do you really think God looks down at us and expects to see THIS?

                          Um, no.

I think He sees the ducks. Regardless of what we look like to each other, to Him we’re a huddle of fluff just begging to be scooped up and cuddled, feathers to the cheek. All different, but, in the end, all the same.

I’m not saying we’re never going to procedure ourselves or want these things. It is the unfortunate state of the world we live in, and the expectations brought on us as women. (And men.)

Sometimes, I just hate that we have to care.


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